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"I could just tell you what to do. But I prefer to show you ways to find your own path.​"

- Daniel Luka


Since 2003

Daniel started teaching in 2003 and has since made it an important part of his work to share his experience with hundreds of students worldwide and infect them with his enthusiasm, passion and joy that he feels while tap dancing. He attaches great importance to the basics, which form the foundation of every single sound. He constantly explores the approaches of each movement at its starting point and repeatedly questions every form of routinely executed motion. 

With a strong focus on musicality and clear sound through clean technique, Daniel enables his students to find their own way of creating sound and rhythm without locking them into a system of right and wrong. Daniel creates an extremely strong relationship to music for his students, which is always the starting point for every „decision“ in his dancing.

Daniel Luka Tap Dance Teacher


Selection of places:

GERMANY: Tanzhaus NRW (Düsseldorf), Zentrum Tanz und Bewegung (Wuppertal), Samuel’s World (Berlin), Inês Correia (Düsseldorf), Tanzraum Aachen (Aachen), 8 Counts (Geldern), Tanzhaus Wuppertal (Wuppertal), Brotfabrik (Bonn)

INTERNATIONAL: PDF - Percussive Dance Festival (Paris), Juste Debout (Paris), l’Espace Culturel de Grand Pré à Langueux (St. Brieuc), Paris Tap Festival (Paris), Tap Breizh (Rennes), Claquettes Club (Liège), Swing School Terrassa (Terrassa), Tap On Barcelona (Barcelona), Centre Civic Raval (Barcelona), Tap Festival Amsterdam (Amsterdam), Flamenco Vivo (NYC)


And many more.



S.O.N.T.I. was a professional tap dance training system developed by Daniel Luka. It focused on the individual possibilities and the very personal potential of each trainee, so that every participant was given the opportunity to get to know and work out their personal strengths thus to become a more confident tap dancer and musician in a very individual way to grow. The process was accompanied by experienced teachers over a period of two years, during which an intermediate and a final examination had to be completed in order to get to the S.O.N.T.I. diploma certified by The International Dance Council CID UNESCO.

Daniel is very happy that through S.O.N.T.I. he was able to help many tap dancers to find their vision and their goals for their further path in the world of tap dance and not only to train them, but to open doors for them and show them ways to learn more about themselves and find themselves through the art of tap dancing. Many of the graduates have since been successfully working on their own projects, as members of companies, or as teachers all over the world. 



Establishment of the training system for professional tap dancers in Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf

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