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Alunisson Daniel Luka

As a Guest


2021 • Paris

PDF is a highlight aiming to introduce percussive dance and its related disciplines to the general public through master classes at all levels, a meeting, jam session and a show with pioneers and actors of international percussive dance. An unprecedented and unifying event carried by LeeLa Petronio / Hip Tap Project. 


Percussive dance is a large family that brings together all forms of dance where the moving body is sound, where the rhythmicity of the feet and the footwork are the starting point of a more global dance form.

Rhythm as a universal language and a link between artistic forms, the plurality of expressions and the impact of sound are at the heart of this festival. 

The festival aims to bring together pioneers of the genre, originals who cultivate their singularity and have paved the way. A palette of artists that testifies to the diversity and rhythmic, choreographic and cultural richness of a form of expression in full swing.

Alunisson Daniel Luka Leela Petronio


Since 2019 • Teneriffe/Paris

Offbeat choreographic and musical creation in which a hip hop dancer with hybrid versatility, a virtuose tap dancer, two references to percussive dance with singular contemporary approaches, an original musician - explore and play with the notions of harmony and consonance.


Creator and artistic director: LeeLa Petronio & Jep Melèndez - Hip Tap Project & A Mano Limpia

(Co-produced by Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil & du Val-de-Marne/Mourad Merzouki, with the support of l’Accueil Studio, le Claquettes Club de Liège Avec le soutien de la Maison des métallos/Paris , le Festival Jazz’Orne Danse/Cie Arthur Plasshaert, Espace Bleu Pluriel à Trégueux)

Dance, choreography and improvisation: Daniel Luka, Jep Melèndez, Leela Petronio, Ludovic Tronché

Duration: approx. 75 minutes


2017 • Paris

Jazz Emotion is a declaration of love for jazz culture, which is brought to the stage with images and poetic lyrics. A show that believes in the idea that Tap Dance and Jazz have the same spirit: improvisation. A human and musical adventure that plunges the viewer into the heart of a jazz club - its quirky atmosphere, intimate and inspiring for freedom of expression. The images projected in black and white contrast with the colorful and human colors emanating from the stage.


Creator and artistic director: Sarah Petronio & Leela Petronio - Hip Tap Project

Dance and improvisation: Sarah Petronio, Leela Petronio, Jep Melèndez, Daniel Luka

Musicians: Alain Jean Marie, Bruno Rousselet, John Betsch

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Daniel Luka Tap Dance Paris
Jazz Emotion Daniel Luka
Thelonious Monk Daniel Luka
Daniel Luka Tap Dance NYC


2015 • New York City

"Thelonious" (the continuation of „Monk In Motion" - 2013) is Sarah Petronio's personal homage to one of jazz's greatest piano legends, Thelonious Monk, who was referred to as "The High Priest of Bebop" in the late 1940s. The show unfolds sometime 'round midnight’ in the intimate ambiance of a Parisian apartment where a group of friends meet to listen to, dance and interpret some memorable Monk tunes on the local Paris Jazz Radio Station.


Creator and artistic director: Sarah Petronio

Dance and improvisation: Sarah Petronio, Baakari Wilder, Leela Petronio, Tamango Van Cayseele Stanislas, Michela Marino Lerman, Carson Murphy, Daniel Luka, Siobhan Cook.

Musicians: Josh Davis

Duration: approx. 60 minutes


Since 2014 • Paris

Based on the versatility of the ensemble, this performance combines tap dance, hip hop, body percussion and live music in a joyful and dynamic interplay. The feet speak, the hands and bodies sound, the voice intervenes and the universes defined by the individualities merge into a little jewel of humor, rhythm and poetry.


Creator and artistic director: Leela Petronio - Hip Tap Project

Dance and improvisation: various

Musicians: various

Duration: approx. 60 minutes


Since 2013 • Paris

Hip Tap Project Daniel Luka

The „Hip Tap Project“ under the artistic direction of Leela Petronio, is a multidisciplinary collective of dancers and musicians whose performances and creations merge into a common language: tap dance, hip hop, afro dance, body percussion, percussion on objects and live music. The Company is the initiator of a constant exchange between different forms of percussive dances and rhythmic expressions.



"Monk In Motion" (the precursor to "Thelonious" - 2015) is Sarah Petronio's personal homage to one of jazz's greatest piano legends, Thelonious Monk, who was referred to as "The High Priest of Bebop" in the late 1940s.


Creator and artistic director: Sarah Petronio

Dance and improvisation: Sarah Petronio, LeeLa Petronio, Tamango, Pia Neises, Daniel Luka

Musicians: Thierry Hochstätter

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Beats & Noises Daniel Luka


Since 2011

Drum performance with Tap Dance from Cologne. The drum band from Beats and Noises has been working with acclaimed musicians for many years. Their home is the stage here and at major international events. The enthusiasm for the rhythmic music that Beats and Noises evokes in the audience is what drives many new successful shows.


Creator and artistic director: Knuth Jerxsen und Ute Wilbertz

Musicians: various

Duration: various

2009-2010 • Barcelona


TapArpègics is the result of mixing Tap and electronic music. It enables the Tap dancer not only to create rhythm with his feet, but also melody and harmony. A one-hour multidisciplinary show with four Tap dancers, offering both, classical and modern music in a range of styles.


Creator and artistic director: Basilio González 

Dance and improvisation: Basilio González, Jana Grulichova, Sergi Descayre, Daniel Luka

(Covers: Ludovico Hombravella, Corina De Giacomi and Ivan Bouchain)

Musicians: Johnny Branchizzio, the dancers

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

TapArpegics Daniel Luka Tap Dance
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