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Pfandhaus Daniel Luka Tap Dance

Own Works

Tracks Daniel Luka Tap Dance



Tap Dance short film project created and directed by choreographer Daniel Luka and filmmaker Niklas van Bonn. The 20 women in „TRACKS“ are searching for paths and directions, impulses and crossings. They deal with changes, confusion, goals, courage, isolation and community. In a ritualized and courageous way, they are finding their paths on different tracks, through hope and strength.

Idea & concept: Daniel Luka & Niklas van Bonn

Choreography: Daniel Luka

Dance: T.A.P. - The Augmented Project

Music: Daniel Luka - „Tracks“, Andries De Haan - „Earthquake“, M.B. Gordy - „Nightmares“, Nicolas Jaar - „Colomb“ & René Aubry - „Déferlante“

Duration: approx. 10 minute

In cooperation among Luka Tap Productions©, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorfer Institut für Musik und Medien, Hochschule Düsseldorf and Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord/Duisburg Kontor Hallenmanagement GmbH. With the friendly assistance of Fox Audio and Skyline Tonfabrik Germany.



Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf.

With special thanks to the many people who have bravely opened up to this idea and who have made it possible to create a unique archive of movements by sharing their life stories and communicating their movements.


TakeCareResidenzen is a funding program of the Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser e.V. within the framework of the Restart Culture program TakeThat supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

With his research "ALL-ONE" Daniel Luka explores the feeling of loneliness and in particular investigates the difference between being lonely and being alone. Understanding loneliness as an inner, mental state that can also exist apart from physical isolation, as well as the question of how it can be translated into movements, form the basis for this work.

A project under the artistic direction of Daniel Luka. 

Documentary film: conceived and directed by Niklas van Bonn

Idea & concept: Daniel Luka 

Music: Grandbrothers - „Ezra Was Right“, PNFA - „Sylmar“

Duration: approx. 3 minutes


Since 2019

Live music performance consisting of Tap dancer Daniel Luka and a variety of different renowned musicians. Considering Tap as a musical instrument, the concept of this concert is not to be compared to an average dance performance but to a band where the Tap dancer is equally treated as a percussive instrumentalist. 


Deeply rooted in the tradition of Jazz, the up to one hour long „Supersonic Tap Concert“ brings a freshness, which can only be obtained by improvisation, communication and a deep musical connection between the Tap dancer and the featured musicians, always being on the brink of the unknown and being prepared for the leap.


Dance and improvisation: Daniel Luka

Musicians: Various

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Pfandhaus Daniel Luka Tap Dance
Resonance Daniel Luka Tap Dance
Resonance Daniel Luka Tap Dance


Since 2018

The dancer's foot lifts, falls to the ground. The resulting sound continues in waves of light as if a stone had fallen into the water. Daniel Luka, known for his cross-border choreography, guarantees the steps and their sound a much longer afterlife than usual: Together with the collective Xenorama, a overall composition is created that adds new layers to the movements and sounds of the three dancers in real time.

Concept: Daniel Luka, Xenorama

Choreography: Daniel Luka 

Dance, improvisation: Ana Gudiño Aguilar, Daniel Luka, Nikolai Kemeny

Music: Roman Babik, Tim Georg Heinze

Projection Mapping, light desing, visuals: Marcel Bückner, Lorenz Potthast, Moritz Janis Richartz

Composition, arrangement: Roman Babik, Daniel Luka, Bill Evans

Sound design: Tim Georg Heinze 

Stage design: Moritz Janis Richartz

Dramaturgic advice: Sarah Petronio, Heinz Voss 

Duration: approx. 60 minutes


Supported by Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and the EU project The People's Smart Sculpture with means of the program Creative Europe of the European Union. Further supported by Neumann&Müller and Hochschule Düsseldorf.

360° OF TAP


Audio experimental 360 ° video and sound project for three tap dancers. Make sure that you wear your headphones for the optimal 360° sound experience!

Dance: Ana Gudiño Aguilar, Nikolai Kemeny, Daniel Luka

Video: Philip Zimmermann

Duration: approx. 3 minutes


In cooperation with tanzhaus nrw and MOCCA – Motion Capturing Creative Area



Daniel Luka Sarah Petronio Tap Dance Album

Daniel Luka's view on the connection between tap dance and music and his understanding of Tap Dance as a full-fledged instrument becomes clear on his debut album "3 & a Floor", which he co-produced with award-winning pianist Roman Babik and released in April 2017.


Dance and improvisation: Daniel Luka, Sarah Petronio 

Musicians: Roman Babik (piano & compositions) Daniel Luka (tap) Dimitrij Markitantov (saxophone & clarinet) and Special Guest Sarah Petronio (tap) feat. Martin Gjakonovski (bass).

Duration: approx. 55 minutes

Since 2015


Daniel Luka's "Tapengers" is a young crew of tap dancers formed to promote the art of Tap dance and Jazz music. Whether it is on the big stage or in a small local jazz club, the Tapenger’s mission is always to share their love for the art of Tap Dance and live music.


Dance and improvisation: Ana Gudiño Aguilar, Judith Commandeur, Nikolai Kemeny, Daniel Luka

Musicians: Various

Duration: approx. 5-120 minutes

Daniel Luka Jazz Schmiede Tap Jam


Since 2014

Since the spring of 2014, the „Tap Jam Düsseldorf“ is inviting Tap dancers, Tap lovers and music fans from near and far to its home location, the Jazzschmiede in Dusseldorf, to jam together with live musicians and other tap dancers to make music and exchange. Whether to dance or watch, everyone is invited to join in the Tap Jam Dusseldorf which takes place several times a year!


Dance and improvisation: Tap lovers

Musicians: Various

Duration: approx. 120-180 minutes



With "Tap A Tune" Daniel Luka creates a full evening concert for tap dance and live music. Together with the award-winning jazz musicians Roman Babik, Bodek Janke and Shanai the internationally-positioned ensemble invites to an evening in a club atmosphere - and emphasizes the musical aspect of tap dancing, beyond a mere dance show. The conclusion: a band, a piece of music, that inspires.


Dance and improvisation: Daniel Luka, Hillary-Marie Michael, Pia Neises, Renée-Marie Turner

Musicians: Bodek Janke, Roman Babik, Shanai

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Daniel Luka Tap Dance Show
Daniel Luka Tap Dance Show

60 BPM


In "60 bpm“, tap dancers Pia Neises and Daniel Luka devote themselves to the secret of the unit of time. They play with phenomena of acceleration and deceleration, with moments of pausing or the everyday experience of waiting and ask about the influence that time has on our lives. The duet will be accompanied live by the musicians Bodek Janke and Jörg Brinkmann.


Dance and improvisation: Pia Neises, Daniel Luka

Musicians: Bodek Janke, Jörg Brinkmann

Duration: approx. 60 minutes


Co-produced by tanzhaus nrw.


2007, 2008, 2009 & 2011

Daniel Luka's fusion show "Feel The Tap" premiered in 2007, a full-length concept in which he combined Tap Dance with percussion, jazz, hip hop, ballet, dance theater and folklore artists. It was followed by three other parts, which were awarded by the press as "a unique combination of high-caliber artists" and "innovative, rousing newness that puts the American tap dance in a whole new light."


Dance and improvisation: Daniel Luka, Eva Klosowski, Lionel Altevogt, Natascha Erkelenz, Volteggiare, Nadine Eversberg, Pia Neises, Thorsten Willer, Kristopher Zech, Magdalena Sojka, Hoofer’s Revenge, Mira Schuster, Netali Kidane, Tap Crew, Jana Weikamp, Rosa Jesser, Ates and many more.

Musicians: Various (Without musicians, soloists, trios, quartets, big bands, vocals, DJ)

Duration: approx. 90-120 minutes

Feel the tap Daniel Luka


Since 2007

Daniel Luka's solo program "Pull It Back!" features a repertoire that has proven itself at numerous festivals, balls, corporate and TV events, city festivals, concerts and other events. Since 2007, he has been touring internationally with his content-related and musically flexible solo performance, which guarantees the audience a rhythmically dynamic show-act in constantly changing constellations.


Dance and improvisation: Daniel Luka (and guests)

Musicians: Various (Without musicians, soloists, trios, quartets, big bands, vocals, DJ)

Duration: approx. 20-45 minutes



This outdoor improvisation by Daniel Luka was born out of a desire to question the given circumstances, possibilities and concepts of various outdoor venues, to use them in many different ways and to let the audience participate in a sound-performance that will never be repeated. The tap dancer gets joined by various musicians who freely improvise to accompany his journey of discovery.


Dance and improvisation: Daniel Luka

Musicians: Various

Duration: approx. 60-120 minutes

Daniel Luka Tap Dance Artist



A free improvised concert, distinguished by its spontaneous experimental joy. Searching for new sounds, the tap dancer and the musicians loose themselves over and over again in new soundscapes. A unique free-jazz-rhythm-composition develops between drums, percussion, gongs, saxophone and flutes, different kinds of shoes and a variety of dance floors.


Dance and improvisation: Daniel Luka

Musicians: Various

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

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